Frequently Asked Questions


You can directly apply for our accreditation and don't need to join our membership. You can save extra membership fee.

You should start with the first level - Certified Professional Photographers (CPP.PPI) and apply for the next level. We encourage certified photographers to continue their journey in photography education and professional development. Please refer to Q19 if you would like to apply for the intermediate level CEP or the highest level CMP.

We cannot comment on the photos you send to us for which level you should apply for.

All digital images should be either in colour or monochrome, you cannot have a mix of colour and monochrome photos in your portfolio.

If you are unsure about it, you could submit 3-4 images and Statement of Intent for advice at We will suggest you which category your images belong to or we could help create a new category.

We cannot comment or soft out the photos you send to us before the submission is confirmed.

You cannot submit less or more than 10 images. It is compulsory to submit 10 images for each levels of accreditation. You need to prepare 10 images for an assessment. These images should be in the SAME category.

You can submit two or more categories at the same time, but those images should be different. Images that have been accepted in one category should not be re-entered in a different category.

Images must be named with two digits only: 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, through to10.jpg. Files that are not named properly might not be judged.

You need to keep your original image file. The PPI reserves the right to request the original image file (i.e. RAW file), negative or transparency of an image used in an accreditation application.

We don't have a written test, but we need you to have a convincing set of images, along with a well-written Statement of Intent (in 200 words). We are more focus on practical skills (e.g technical, creativity and imagination) of photographers.

We do not accept other languages. You should write your Statement of Intent in English ONLY.

Once your portfolio is submitted, you are not allowed to make changes of your portfolio, including your 10 images and Statement of Intent.

You should submit the whole set of portfolio including 10 images (in correct file naming, e.g. 01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc.) and Statement of Intent at a time by uploading your photos via WeTransfer or Google Drive or attaching photos via email. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the disqualification and loss of your application fee.

Your application will be considered late if you have not sent us all the required documents even though you have paid for the assessment. Your submission will be assessed on the next assessment day.

You can only submit digital files for assessment. We do not accept prints or films. Please make sure the photo quality is up to standard.

It is recommended that you need to ensure your image quality is up to standard. We don't limit which photographic equipment you use to take photos.

We do not offer any exchange / exemption of certification. If you have superior photographic skills, advanced education, service to the industry, please send us an email and your portfolio at Your application should be approved by our IARB if you wish to apply for higher level.

Your portfolio should include the below documents:

  1. A biography including an introduction about yourself (with a profile photo is preferred)
  2. A list of photographic distinctions achieved (e.g. FRPS, GPSA, FMPA)
  3. A list of International awards or titles and years received (e.g. PSA/FIAP/RPS/ICS Salon Awards or IPA in Professional Architecture, Abstract, 2019)
  4. A list of current or past positions in some photographic or art-related societies
  5. A list of volunteering work (if any)
  6. Copies of evidence (e.g. certificates, photos of trophies)
  7. 3-4 Photos that you would like to include in the assessment
  8. A Statement of Intent outlying the purpose and outlining in no more than 200 words, the purpose, objective or intent of the work

Your portfolio should be under a review of our Board IARB, you will be notified which level you could apply for.

It is recommended that you have submitted relevant documents for review, it would help a lot if you have well-documented portfolio.

Please DO NOT send us application fee via Paypal or bank transaction before our Board have suggested and approved which level you could apply for.

We will first refund you the amount we exactly received (if for Paypal, a service charge and processing fee will be deducted from the original amount that you sent).
You will need to pay the exact amount again through Paypal for the level that our Board suggested you to apply.

We only accept USD. We don't accept other currencies. Your application will not be processed until you pay for an exact amount in USD.

Images contained in a successful CPP application cannot be included in an application for CEP submission. Images contained in a successful CPP or CEP application cannot be included in an application for CMP submission.

We currently use 27" iMac Pro with Retina 5K display. You will need to make sure your photos are in high resolutions.

You can submit part of your failed portfolio, if you need assistance or feedback, please feel free to contact us at We are here to help!

Yes, you can! Kindly email us at and paypal us USD26 along with postage. You will get a printed certificate within a month upon request.

You should need to renew your accreditation every three years after issued by submitting another portfolio in the same category as you initially accredited and USD120 should be settled by Paypal or bank transfer (for Hong Kong applicants only).

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To find out more information about the requirements, please download PPI Guidelines

If you are ready to apply the PPI Accreditations, please download Application Form (in PDF) or Application Form (in JPG)

* To become an Accredited Professional Photographer you have to meet the standards we set.
You must also agree to comply with the PPI Code of Professional Practice.