PPI Code of Professional Practice

I, having been accepted into the Professional Photographers International (The PPI), do hereby subscribe without reservation to the Code of Professional Practice, and do solemnly sear that:

  • 1. I acknowledge that I am bound by the PPI Code of Professional Practice and I recognize the authority of the PPI Board (IARB) in all matters relating to the interpretation and enforcement of this code, and understand that failure to comply with this code can result in termination of my accreditation and that a decision to do so is final and conclusive.
  • 2. During the last six years I have not had any complaints laid against me in any court or consumer complaints tribunal which have not been properly disposed of in my favour.
  • 3. I will not use any practice, which violates any Federal or State statute or any decision of a Federal or State court.
  • 4. I agree to use my best efforts to properly act in an ethical and professional manner befitting a recognized professional.
  • 5. I consent to allowing the PPI to communicate with me on all matters by my nominated email address or my studio address (if any).
  • 6. I shall at all times present myself and my imaging services, in such manner as will uphold and dignify my professional status and the reputation of the PPI.
  • 7. I will observe the highest standard of honesty in all transactions, avoiding the use of false, inaccurate and misleading terms, descriptions and claims.
  • 8. I will reveal all material facts; avoid concealment of information and refrain from the use of innuendoes in advertising and selling that might cause consumers to be misled, so that the truth about services of products may be fully understood. I will provide a complete and comprehensive written price list outlining my services and products prior to undertaking any photographic assignment.
  • 9. I will advertise and sell the merits of my services and products honestly and undertake only assignments that my firm or I can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.
  • 10. I acknowledge that I will not in any way copy the content and work of any another photographer or photographer's website, marketing material, and intellectual property without their express written permission.
  • 11. I will deal with the public with honesty and integrity. I shall exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of my duties, giving full consideration to the requirements of the client.
  • 12. I acknowledge that, in whatever capacity I am engaged I shall act in a just and faithful manner towards clients, employers, and employees; towards others with which my work is connected.
  • 13. I acknowledge that, I will not divulge any confidential information acquired during the course of my professional duties to any party.
  • 14. I will assist my fellow photographers, share my knowledge with them and encourage them individually and collectively to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality.
  • 15. I acknowledge that I will always treat every photographer and committees and judges of the PPI with the highest level of respect in all areas of contact.
  • 16. I acknowledge that I will not use social media or any other form of public and electronic communication to:
    1. - Bring the PPI into disrepute
    2. - Denigrate or abuse a fellow photographer of the PPI, a past or current client or a member of the general public
    3. - Attempt to influence the outcome of a PPI compliance process by soliciting support for a position
  • 17. I acknowledge that I shall not belittle or denigrate the work or reputation of another photographer and that I will not engage in malicious or deliberately inaccurate criticism of the reputation or work of another.
  • 18. I acknowledge that as an accredited photographer of the PPI, I will adhere to the PPI Anti-Bullying Policy and that I will not engage in any form of bullying or anti-social behaviour towards any photographers and staff of the PPI, and towards the PPI itself. I recognize that my verbal, and written communications, including, but not limited to my use of social media, could constitute bullying if used and interpreted in an aggressive, intimidatory and malicious fashion.

  • This could include:

      • - Aggressive or intimidating conduct

      • - Belittling or humiliating comments

      • - Spreading malicious rumours

      • - Teasing or practical jokes

      • - Intentional exclusion from PPI-related events

      • - Displaying offensive material

      • - Pressure to behave in an inappropriate manner

      • - Unreasonable volunteer expectations, including too much or too little work, or work below or beyond a volunteer's skill level

      • - Threatening social media exposure to force a point of view or opinion disputing awards scores

      • - Criticism of an accreditation judge or volunteer outside the official process

      • - Badgering to force a view or opinion

  • 19. I acknowledge that every client entering into a contract with a PPI accredited photographer is entitled to receive a copy of this Code of Professional Practice.
  • Please download the document in PDF: PPI Code of Professional Practice