About Professional Photographers International (The PPI)

The Best Path for You to Become a Worldwide Accredited Photographer!

We are a non-profit organization created by a group of professional photographers in order to qualify and support those who want to take photography to the next level and develop profitable and sustainable photography businesses. We welcome photographers of all genres around the World to join our community of dedicated professionals and we are excited that you value the profession through seeking formal Accreditation with the PPI.

As an International Accredited Photographer of the PPI you are required to continue your growth and personal development as a photographer and focus on your accountability as a business owner. You will also be acting as a role model for emerging professional photographers and an ambassador within the photographic profession. There are three levels of accreditation:

- Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
- Certified Excellent Photographer (CEP)
- Certified Master Photographer (CMP)

After becoming an Accredited Professional Photographer, you will be encouraged to use the PPI logo on all business and marketing material, e-mail signature, website and other collateral. You will also receive a digital file containing the PPI Accreditation emblem which can be used on your personal stationery. You are entitled - and encouraged - to use the letters CPP/CEP/CMP after your name. Please state clear our organization's full name (Professional Photographers International) if needed. Your profile, including your contact details and any PPI distinctions awarded, will be available for potential clients from our database.